If you’re new to our church, you’re sure to have a few questions.  Here are some of the ones we commonly get asked.   If your question is not answered here, be sure to get in touch.

Q         When are your services?

A          We have two worship services on a Sunday; a morning service at 10am and an evening service at 7pm.


Q         How long are the services

A          Our worship services typically run for around 75 minutes.


Q         Do I need to bring an offering?

A          No.  Offerings are for those who are committed to the mission and ministry of Invercargill Central Baptist Church.


Q         Is there a dress code?

A          No, come as you are.  You’ll be fine.


Q         Can I bring my children?

A          Yes, we welcome children of all ages.  At morning church there are programmes and activities for children and young people up to Year 10.  We also have a nursery room for parents of babies and young toddlers to attend the service with their young ones.


Q         Do I have to sing?

A          We encourage each other to worship God in the ways that we each feel comfortable.  If you prefer to listen to the songs rather than join in singing them, that’s just fine.


Q         I have never been to church before and I don’t know what is expected.  Can you help?

A          We welcome people at all stages of the faith journey, and if you are just starting out then that is great.  You’re not expected to have any prior knowledge when you come to our services.  It can be helpful if you introduce yourself to us before the service starts, as then we can ensure we thoroughly explain each section of service as we go through it so you know what to expect.


Q         Can I just come along to one or two services to see what it is like?

A          Yes, absolutely – we’re always happy to have visitors at our services.  If you’d like to know more after the service, be sure to get in touch.


Q         I’m only visiting Invercargill, can I come along to service on Sunday?

A          Yes, absolutely – we’re always happy to have visitors join us.


Q         I am from another religious denomination (i.e. Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Presbyterian, Methodist…).  Can I still come to the Invercargill Central Baptist Church?

A          Yes, we welcome people of all religious denominations (or none at all) to join us in worship.


Q         Is it okay if I can only make it to services occasionally?

A          Yes.  We understand everyone is on a different faith journey and has different life commitments.  Just come along as often as you feel is appropriate for you.


Q         What if I can’t make it to Sunday services, can I still be involved with the Invercargill Central Baptist Church?

A          Yes.  We have a number of other opportunities to participate in and connect with our community, including small groups, courses and events.  To find out more, contact one of the Pastors on 03 218 4554.


Q         Can my children still attend Sunday programmes if I can’t make it?

A          Yes, as long as you have made arrangements with us in advance.  Contact the church office on 03 218 4554.


Q         Can I take part in your community support initiatives if I am not currently affiliated with the church?

A          Yes!  Everyone is welcome at our community support programmes, which include Eating Accountability, Marriage Support, Teen Parent Support, New Parents Meals and Free Thursday Meals.