Would you bless my house?

What is a house blessing ?

For a house to become a home it needs to be a place of warmth, love, security, peace. Many of these qualities are intangible but we all know when they are present – or missing. When Jesus sent out his disciples he said : – ‘when you enter a house first say ‘Peace to this house’. If the people living there are peace-loving your prayer for peace will bless them”. (Luke 10) By these words Jesus taught the significant of a house blessing. As a church we also believe in the importance of this ministry.

Why do a house blessing?

A house blessing is a way of saying “I/we want this house to be a place where God is honoured, His word obeyed and His peace and presence is known by all who live in or visit the place” At the heart of the blessing is a prayer for God’s peace and light to be experienced in every room and by everyone.

When is a good time ?

A house blessing can be done at any time, but a good time is soon after you move into a new home. Another possible time is if you know , or think, that there has been some traumatic, disturbing or sinful event that has occurred in the house. If you would like to receive this ministry of our Church have a talk to one of the Pastors about how and when the blessing might be given. – In short, yes we do house blessings.


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