Our Character

We are part of the family of Baptist Churches who co-operate together in such matters as: Mission, Church Planting, Social Work, Theological Education and Ministry Training.

We also recognise and affirm our role and responsibilities in the Body of Christ in Invercargill.

We are a Bible-based Church believing the Scripture to be the Word of God and our final authority in belief and practice.

We are evangelistic, believing in personal conversion/new birth without which it is impossible to enter the Kingdom of God. We believe lost people matter to God and we accept our responsibility to make known the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and to invite a response.

We are a Central City Church, located in Invercargill, New Zealand. Our ministries and priorities will seek to reflect an appreciation of the community, its nature and needs.

In addition we will endeavour to develop an atmosphere in which those who live in our community will feel welcome and at ease among us.

We are a Missions Church with a goal of training, sending and supporting home and overseas missionaries and of nurturing a keen mission’s awareness within the congregation.

(a more formal and precise version of this can be found in the front of our phone listing)


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