We Believe…

This of necessity reads like a doctrinal statement. If we are having difficulty pinning our beliefs to the wall, we can come and refer to this.


We believe God is Creator, Redeemer, Sovereign King, active in history to reconcile all things to Himself in and through His Son, Jesus Christ, who is Saviour and Lord.

Many people are unaware of God’s love, acceptance and forgiveness and therefore continue to live their lives without acceptance of His grace or reference to His plans or purposes.

We believe it is the task of the Church to be a community who by word, deed, and sign give testimony to the goodness of God and His saving power.

We believe it is our task to seek to bring men and women, boys and girls into the Kingdom of God and the community of His Church and to nurture Christians so that all may share their faith, win others for Christ and demonstrate by word and deed the Love of God as shown in Jesus.

We believe Biblical salvation to embrace spiritual, physical, emotional and relational wholeness.

We believe that the power to change lives is not our own, it is the power of the Holy Spirit whose life-giving presence is available to all those who believe.

We believe a local Church, like a healthy body is a living organism; growing, changing, flexible and dependent upon the grace of God for its existence and life. We expect both spiritual and numerical growth in the Church’s ministries and its creativity.

Being fallible human beings we often forget our God-given tasks, losing our vision of God, His plans and purposes. We acknowledge our need of God’s forgiveness.

(a more formal and precise version of this can be found in the front of our phone listing)


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