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Asking what we value is a way of exploring what we see as being important. We’re trying as a community to express these values in our lives. When times are hard or conflict rears it’s head we look to these shared values to help us find good ways to living.

First and foremost we want to find Jesus at the centre of our lives and of our community. We call this Christ-centredness (theologians call it being Christo-centric).

It means we are seeking to have Jesus’ love, mercy and power shine through all that we do.

We believe that Jesus is alive and so we want to be led by His Spirit. As a people we want to responsive to Jesus’ Spirit (often called the Holy Spirit) in life and in all that we do.

We reckon that people are amazing, and each one reflects the image of God. We want to value all people and seek to encourage, love and care for all who follow the Lord Jesus Christ and for all for whom He died (Hint: that also means you).

We emphasis the importance of loving, forgiving, serving and encouraging one another.

We recognise that while we have some things in common, we are not all the same; as such we value diversity. There’s a place for young and old, women and men, able bodied and disabled and for people of different races and cultures in the life and work of our Church.

This is a community that values integrity and open-ness. We seek to be open and honest about our strengths and weaknesses; our successes and failures. We’re in the business of learning.

When we gather in our church building for worship services, we’re seeking a kind of ‘structured informality’. For us that means services that are planned in so far as they have goals, directions and leadership, but at the same time are flexible enough to allow the Spirit of God to operate in the way the Spirit prompts. We see these services as exercises in seeking to equip people for living lives of faith in the world.

We place a high value on the Bible and believe that it’s relevant for today, and it calls us to respond in our lives. – We’d like to practise what we speak about.

(a more formal and precise version of this can be found in the front of our phone listing)


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