_OLD_Small Groups

Wanting to get connected ?

Church isn’t a building and it isn’t where we meet. Church is what we do and who we  are. Church is the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ. Let’s not go to church, let’s be the church….

At ICBC we see small groups as being an essential part of being the church. They are our building blocks for growing disciples and growing as followers of Jesus.  In small groups you can experience prayer, sharing, study, accountability and develop meaningful relationships and teamwork.  It is in the small group setting that you are most likely to know others and be known by them – and that’s where discipleship happens best.

As John Ortberg points out; community doesn’t just happen.  If you are new to ICBC, it will take some energy and time to get to know others and to be known.  We can make this easier, but we cannot not provide this on a platter. There are home based small groups (each with their own flavour) and a variety of groups with a special focus. If you can’t find one that suits you, there is always the possibility of starting one. Talk to Colin about what you are looking for.

How do I get involved ?

Have a look at your available time (and perhaps your priorities)…

Check out the lists of groups and see if you can find a group that fits your schedule and needs.

Ring the leader/contact person and ask if they are up for a visitor. This has to be on a “no-strings” basis. There is a diverse group of people who are part of ICBC so not every group suits everyone.  It’s also a two way process, just as you have to have the right to decide that a small group is not for you, so too does the small group.  If you’ve tried the same group for a couple of weeks, ask if it’s O.K. for you to continue.

If this process isn’t working for you, please come and talk to Colin, who can’t solve every problem, but is keen to see people growing in
community with Jesus. We also run a newcomers lunch once a month, it’s a good way to meet some people.

Good reasons to join a small group:

· We were made to have relationships with God and others

· We are stronger when we are not alone

· People need you and you need others

· Life is more fun when it’s shared

· You can bless others (and be blessed by others)

· It’s easy to get lost in a ‘Big Church’

· Jesus did it (they were called the disciples)

· People matter

· At the end of your life, time spent in a small group will matter more than time in front of your T.V.

Serving and connecting are often interlinked. We have a number of open small groups that you can contact and try, but there are also a number of ministries and interest groups. Often we get to know people while doing something alongside them.